Preservers of the American Heritage

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The Ramona Pioneer Historical Society, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1962. More than 400 persons, most of them from Ramona and the surrounding area, are members of the organization. Affiliation is maintained with the San Diego County Congress of History, San Diego Historical Society and the Conference of California Historical Societies. Historical societies are found nationwide and enjoy a reputation as "preservers" of the American heritage. There are many active Historical societies in San Diego County and approximately 200 In California.

On display at the Guy B. Woodward Museum is a collection of historical artifacts, memorabilia, books, pamphlets, maps, genealogies, portraits, surveys, paintings, pictures, relics, manuscripts, letters, journals, field books and other books, articles, audio visual materials or property preserving Ramona Pioneer Backcountry history.

Donations Accepted

If you have items that represent the pioneer period and development of Ramona and the San Diego Backcountry, please contact the museum.